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Japanese Warking Man Jacket

"Do you have Japanese Warking Man Jacket?" Nojima-san enquired. What on earth is a "Warking Man"?, I thought to myself. "No" would probably be the answer, as I didn't know what he was talking about. The Japanese have a particular way of pronouncing English words and having just arrived in Japan, I hadn't yet tuned my ears into this Japan speak yet. It turns out that Nojima-san referring to a "Working Man Jacket", a particular type of jacket worn by Japanese factory and construction workers. Apparently a Warking Man Jacket was something that a young Australian bloke who was about to take up long-term residence in Japan really needed, according to Nojima-san. After a short drive to a nearby Japanese Warking Man supplies store, Nojima-san and the shop staff set about fitting me for the much-anticipated jacket. Several trips to the store room and back were required before we had one with a perfect fit - Size 6L. Hmmm! 6L. Apperently not a popular size in Japan. “Robbie-san – bery big”, Nojima announced. I would hear this statement many, many times during my time living in Japan. I suppose it wasn't a surprise. At 190cms tall (6'3"), I did look bery big in Japan compared to most of the locals. According to Nojima-san, I looked “Kakkoii” which in English means “Looking Good”. I wasn’t so convinced. Nojima-san was very happy with his gift to me so there was only one thing left to do - show it off. In Nojima-san’s opinion, the best place to do this was at a local Buddhist Temple, It was perfect. There was virtually nobody there. I think I have only worn the jacket a handful of times but despite this, the Japanese Warking Man Jacket always brings back fond memories of my first weeks in Japan and of course, of my dear friend, Nojoma-san.

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1 Comment

Darren McLaughlin
Darren McLaughlin
Aug 19, 2021

Very sartorial and as a bonus, you can NEVER have too many pockets

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