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Why you need a Ninja

If you are travelling to Japan and looking for a reliable mobile wifi device, then Ninja Wifi is the one to get. It’s the one I travel with whenever I visit Japan with my Japan Tours.

Economical rental plans allow you to access the internet throughout Japan by connecting to the local mobile phone network without the possibility of incurring expensive overseas data costs.

Whilst free wifi is available in many places in Japan, it can be unreliable. On my most recent trip to Japan when others in my group could not connect with the Australian data pack, the Ninja Wifi device had no trouble at all. I was always connected. Free wifi of course is unsecured, however a Ninja Wifi mobile router allows you to connect securely and privately. It also allows you to share the device amongst family or friends allowing multiple phones, tablets or laptops to connect to the one Ninja Wifi mobile router.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ninja Wifi.

Check them out at

You can pick up your Ninja Wifi Device at the airport after you arrive or have it delivered to your hotel like I did. Either way, it is very convenient.

Ninji Wifi also includes a portable charging device which is very handy when the device is running low on battery and you are out and about. You can even charge your phone with it.

Returning your Ninja Wifi is very simple. Just drop it off at the returns counter at the airport before you check in. It so easy.

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